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Maintenance free slide plates within tire mold container
product name

Maintenance free slide plates within tire mold container

Maintenance free slide plates within tire mold container
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Our wear plate is a bimetallic  material composed of a carbon steel plate sintered with bronze powder and solid lubricants(similar with Deva bm in Germany or Oiless #2000 in Japan ).

The principle is :The combining part is expanded because the  intermediate bronze layer.And the lubricants is uniform distributed on and in the wearing layer.When it worn,the solid lubricants are constantly released from the bronze layer.Thus the wearing layer is highly durable,maintenance-free self-lubricating,high friction-resistant and seizing-resistant.

  HSM-BMR is HSM-BM sprayed with self-lubricating coating on the wearing surface and rust-preventing coating on the backing to lower  the friction forceand protect the initial use and thus expand the lifespan.

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