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Rubber Association in the mold branch 2016 will be

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Rubber Association in the mold branch 2016 will be

China Rubber Industry Association Machinery Mold Branch 2016 Member Conference and mechanical mold industry technology seminar on June 2 - 4 in Shandong Province Gaomi Fengdu International
China Rubber Industry Association Machinery Mold Branch 2016 Member Conference and mechanical mold industry technology seminar on June 2 - 4 in Shandong Province Gaomi Fengdu International Hotel was held. The content of this meeting is divided into two parts: Machinery Mold Branch chairman of the unit for the Hiring Conference and mechanical mold industry technology seminars. At this conference, Halma Group Co., Ltd. was elected as a new chairman of the Mold Branch unit. Group Chairman Zhang Christine was elected chairman of the chapter.
    China Rubber Industry Association, attended the meeting Deng Yali, at the meeting on the mechanical mold branch chairman to be candidates for approval, and for the new director unit issued a plaque. At the same time also made a "Review of China's rubber tire industry in 2015 and 2016" report, the report pointed out: The first quarter of this year, the main member of the Association tire production increased 5.03%, of which 1.67% of all steel tires, semi-steel tires increased by 8.9 %. She believes that March to April is the tire sales season, the data in previous years are better, so the current statistics, although the transmission of some positive signals, but the second quarter can continue to be observed. This year, the tire industry is facing different domestic and international environments. Excessive structural resources, increasing pressure on resources and environmental protection, and the need to strengthen technological innovation capacity have also highlighted the contradictions that have constrained development. The downward pressure on the economy is still high. Although the current data is better than expected, but there are still many uncertainties and risks, China's tire industry is still in the "climbing" period.
    Yang Jianhua, Mayor of Gaomi will welcome the meeting; the second chairman of the eighth mold machinery branch, Vantone mold chairman Li Qiang made a "mechanical mold branch of the Eighth Council report." Li Qiang elaborated on the current situation of the tire mold industry, and reported on the work done by the previous council. Zhang Ngun-yun, chairman of the 9th council of the club and chairman of Halma Group, made a report titled "Assumptions and Arrangements for the Work of the 9th council" , He combined with the current economic situation, introduced the basic situation of Hallam Group, pointed out the problems to be solved in the industry, and arranged the work of the club from six aspects. Branch club should strengthen its own building, and actively play the role of a bridge to strengthen the upstream and downstream business communication and resource integration; to strengthen information sharing, and actively plan for the industry; give full play to the council to participate in the deliberations and decision-making role; enhance the branch of the Secretariat Work quality and service level.
      Seminar We arranged four industry representatives to speak on their respective contents of the seminar. After that, the representatives of the participants visited the factory of Homace Group under the unified organization and conducted the symposium. At the symposium, Chairman Zhang analyzed the current economic situation in China and was full of confidence in the future of the tire mold industry. He also introduced the experience of Hammer Company in response to supply-side reform, innovation and entrepreneurship, transformation and upgrading; hoping to create a contractual environment and reduce business risks; Industry self-discipline, display China's manufacturing image, and actively explore the international layout. Hammer company is now the world's largest tire mold manufacturing enterprises, foreign customers account for more than 50% of the company's total sales revenue. Hero's success model can not be copied, but the business management experience can learn from the shared.
China Rubber Industry Association Mechanical Mold Branch member conference held once a year, this year 44 enterprises nearly 80 representatives attended the meeting, the number hit a record high. On June 2, the preparatory meeting for this meeting and the 7th session of the 8th council of the branch were held, and the agenda and contents of this general meeting were approved. The list of the members of the 9th council of the branch was reviewed and passed. The Secretariat made a new plaque to the 9th council unit, after which all the representatives took a group photo.