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Hangzhou Fuyang Hengshan Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
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Global service:+86-18758868805



Integrity and quality as the highest concept, sincere cooperation

Hengshan metal is a professional slide wear materials manufacture.
Our slide plates have been applied on tyre mould containers and rubber and

plastic machines for more than 20 years.
We maintain business relationships with more than 15 countries around the world and are open for mutually beneficial cooperation.




Products are widely used in Metallurgical industry,Rubber-plastic machinery,Hydraulic original,Tyre mould container,Turbine,Automotice Mold,Other machinery and equipment.

slide wear plates for tire mold container (Deva metal)

Oilless Lubricating Slide bearing

Maintenance free slide bearing(deva,oiles#2000)

bimetal slide plate,bimetal slide washer



Fuyang Hengshan Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
Fuyang Yokoyama Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is engaged in a series of products such as tire mold wear plate, tire mold wear plate, powder metallurgy composite self-lubricating material products
Rubber Association in the mold branch 2016 will be
China Rubber Industry Association Machinery Mold Branch 2016 Member Conference and mechanical mold industry technology seminar on June 2 - 4 in Shandong Province Gaomi Fengdu International
Powder Metallurgy High Temperature Metal Based Solid
With the rapid development of modern industry and other fields, higher requirements are put forward for antifriction materials working under high